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New Retail Pro 9.2 R4 & R5 GA Maintenance Pack available

Posted by Thuy Tien Tran on




describe the imageRetail Pro is pleased to announce the release of the following Maintenance Packs for Retail Pro 9.2, versions R4 and R5.

  • Retail Pro 9.2 R4 GA - Version 9.20.722.183
  • Retail Pro 9.2 R5 GA - Version 9.20.760.178

 Please also note that:

  • The Maintenance Pack is to update existing Retail Pro 9.20 R2/R3/R4 installations.
  • Upgrading from Retail Pro 9.14 or 9.20 R1 to Retail Pro 9.20 R4 or R5 requires a database conversion. Please read all appropriate conversion documentation before proceeding with installation.
  • If existing R4 installation is using serial number item control. It requires a serial number conversion before upgrading from R4 into R5.

If you want to have access to these releases Maintenance Pack and release Notes, please call Ms. Binh Pham at +84 8 3823 6900 or email to

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