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Retailers need to focus on satisfactory customer experiences

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Retailers constantly strive to provide great experiences for customers who visit their brick-and-mortar locations. With the strong emergence of internet shopping, these satisfactory experiences are becoming even more vital for merchants with physical storefronts. Recent research has revealed that consumers are highly likely to stop frequenting businesses that offer poor experiences, which could lead to sharp decreases in retention and loyalty for retailers. To prevent this, there are several strategies that companies can use to effectively bring shoppers into their stores.

Customer experience

Long lines, ineffective service frustrate customers

According to a recent study by Verint, which analyzed the responses of more than 7,000 consumers, less than half (49 percent) of customers were satisfied with the experiences they received from retailers. Retail Times reports that just over a quarter of shoppers (26 percent) are indifferent to these types of experiences, with the rest of respondents stating they get angry when faced with poor customer service, long wait times and rude associates.

The research also found merchants are failing to effectively gather feedback from their customers through the multiple channels offered, including social media, web chat and phone. By analyzing the opinions of shoppers, Verint stated that businesses could significantly improve their consumer experiences.

"If they are not doing so already, organizations must invest in listening to the voices of their customers, in particular the new, social-savvy," said David Parcell, managing director at Verint. "They also must face up to the challenge of unlocking the feedback from those that aren't talking or remain indifferent about the service received, as well as the invisible. Until then, it will remain challenging for brands to distinguish themselves."

Retailers faced with competition from ecommerce

Perhaps one of the best benefits that are offered by brick-and-mortar retailers when it comes to customer experiences are the face-to-face interactions. However, this method is not always enough when it comes to providing great consumer service. Lippincott, a brand design and strategy firm, gives some suggestions for retailers looking to improve their experiences. One element that merchants can offer is mobile apps, which makes shopping easier for customers through faster payments and comparison options. Additionally, brand experiences need to unique, which helps companies stand out among competitors. This can be accomplished through flash sales, tailored events and other aspects that fit the needs of consumers, writes the source.

Source: Retail Pro

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