Impacts of pre-hire assessments on candidate experience

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In this modern era, when everyone wants to do things faster, most candidates will agree to spend twice as much time doing interactive assessments related to work instead of answering the traditional questionnaires or logic tests. This is a good thing because it means that the candidate actually uses their minds when doing the assessments, and the results will be much more accurate.

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Impacts of pre-hire assessments on candidate experience

How pre-hire assessments improve the candidate experience

One of the benefits of implementing work-related assessments is that the response from candidates is very consistent. Whether they are hired or not, they often feel that they have been judged fairly to demonstrate skills and abilities. Furthermore, candidates tend to agree that people who have performed better in these tests are likely to work more efficiently.

However, it does not mean that traditional personality and cognitive ability tests are no longer effective. On the contrary, these types of traditional tests can collect very useful information. However, if the goal is to attract top talents, incorporating job-related simulations in the hiring process is likely to be more effective.

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Impacts of pre-hire assessments on candidate experience

How enterprises benefit from positive candidate experience

Pre-hire assessments will continuously evaluate the performance of your employees. Enterprises applying it are more likely to find suitable employees, and their new staff will have higher levels of engagement. Although these assessments may not provide all the details, it will help to find new talents easier and more accurately, as well as streamline the recruitment process.

The challenge here is to make the tests interesting to encourage the participants to join with enthusiasm without falling too deep and forgetting that the main purpose of the assessment is to measure the specific competence related to the job in an accurate and fair play manner.

It’s the human instinct that no one likes to be rejected for the job they want. However, given a certain framework of reference (in this case, assessments), they will feel the respect coming from the recruiters. Therefore, even if they are not to get the job, their impressions of the enterprise will be good and the brand image of that enterprise will be improved.

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In conclusion, we have gone through a few noticeable aspects and benefits of pre-hire assessments, including definition, pros and cons, and their impacts on the candidate experience. We hope our articles have given you, as a hiring manager, some useful tips to improve your organization’s talent acquisition method.


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