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Koch Industries, the U.S. second largest private company, is moving its core financials and HR processes to the cloud with Infor CloudSuite, the company announced on July 11. This huge implementation, which will be rolled out to more than 120,000 users globally, is yet another critical step to strengthen the partnership between Koch and Infor.

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Last December, Koch paid US$2.5bn to buy a major stake in Infor, which is also privately held. And in return, Koch now has 4 seats on Infor’s board. The partnership is expected to help Koch Industries transform itself from a traditional manufacturing conglomerate into a technology giant similar to GE or Siemens.

Koch’s interest in Infor started after the New York-based software vendor successfully completed a project for Georgia-Pacific, a Koch Industries’ subsidiary, under budget. And when Charles Phillips – Infor CEO – and Charles Koch – Koch Industries CEO – met, they hit it off almost instantly.

Both companies will greatly benefit from the deal. In order to compete with rivals like SAP and Oracle, Infor needs to continue its expansion through acquisitions. Most recently, the company acquired Birst, a business intelligence vendor. Koch, on the other hand, needs Infor’s expertise in digital transformation to keep up with the fast-paced technological change.

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