An Overview of Treasury Management and Treasury Management Software

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While treasury management has always been critical in ensuring a corporate’s liquidity and financial viability, its role appears to have become even more important in recent years. When the treasury department operates as a strategic business partner, working closely with other business functions, it needs better tools and technology.

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How Infor Treasury Management Can Help Your Business Grow

What is treasury management?

Treasury management is the process of planning, controlling, and organising an enterprise’s holdings, like cash and working capital, to optimise its current and medium-term liquidity and to mitigate its operational, financial, and reputational risks.

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By actively implementing treasury management, your company can maximise returns, save money, and respond quickly to changes. In the next section, we will take a deeper look at various ways your business can benefit from an effective treasury function.

Why is treasury management important?

Benefits of implementing treasury management in your business

The treasury department’s primary roles are to reduce financial risks, monitor financial flows, implement strategies and lowering investment costs, ensure there is no excess working capital tied up in the business, measure and manage cash flow to protect solvency and so much more!

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By mindfully implementing treasury management, your company will be able to maximise available cash and minimise shortfalls as soon as possible. The right assessments of financial risks and current assets can ensure that your company will always meet its financial obligations.

Treasury management can also help your company with making short, medium and long-term financial as well as investment decisions to create the best value for your customers.

Finally, by identifying precisely your financial resources, you will be able to better plan your financial decisions for the future. Nevertheless, without implementing the management of your treasury, you might experience some downsides in your company.

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Risks of not implementing treasury management in your business

Without a well-thought-out financial plan for your enterprises, your company is exposed to numerous financial risks that can affect your overall business.

By not automating the whole treasury management process, your company does not have access to on-demand reporting, all the data is not gathered in one place, and your firm might not be able to develop cash and liquidity visibility. Finally, you are unable to boost returns and reduce overall costs.

Additionally, without treasury management, your company might not be ready to cover unplanned costs and balance the finances after all. Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions nowadays that allow you to handle your financial situation effectively.

Does your business need treasury management software?

Treasury management is a powerful and helpful tool for maximising your profits and providing the best value to your customers. However, it might be a challenge to manually measure, monitor, and manage all the financial activities by yourself, especially when you lack experience in this matter.

Infor Treasury Management, for example, aims at quickly helping its clients to improve their financial planning and automate the whole treasury management process.

Infor Treasury Management delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions for corporate treasury as well as finance. The solution can empower forward-thinking to overcome complex financial challenges and optimise key capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital strategies.

Infor Treasury Management consists of three product categories: cash and liquidity, payments and transaction lifecycle management. Infor Treasury Management helps to optimise cash, control bank accounts, manage liquidity and deliver compliance as well as cash forecasting, cash pooling, in-house banking, multilateral netting, accounting, debt and investment management and so much more!

Additionally, Infor Advanced Treasury consists of all of the above functions plus a fourth product: Risk Management, which is offering risk analysis, valuations, exposure management and hedge accounting.

Moreover, all the transmissions to major global banking partners are monitored and secured for the best multi-bank payment solution, and the total costs are being minimised at the same time.

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This operational system solves the issue of manually generating and examining information on spreadsheets. All gathered data is secured in one place, allowing to successfully manage the cash flow, and balance of the working capital and the creation of proper insight into the actual financial position.

Moreover, as a cloud-enabled solution, Infor Treasury Management enables you to keep up with the latest trends and technological innovations, making your business modern and comprehensive.

By using the Infor platform, you will be joining 68,000 customers of Infor in more than 170 countries that are innovative and progressive. And by becoming a member of this international community, your business will be more prepared to keep up with the constant changes in the market today.

To learn more about Infor Treasury Management and how this powerful solution can enhance your department and improve efficiency, download the Infor Treasury Management brochure today!


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