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HCMC - 22 April 2016, TRG joined RMIT Career Expo Day to open career opportunities for RMIT students.

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On Friday 22 April 2016, at RMIT South Campus in HCMC, TRG International joined the RMIT Career Expo day, providing undergraduate and graduatestudents information in choosing the right place and the right job to start their career.

After more than 12 years of internships we have worked out what works best for interns and TRG which is why we no longer “only” do the standard RMIT 12- week- internship which is insufficient time to achieve much of anything. Our GDP program lasts up to 2 years and of course fulfills the RMIT 12-week internship requirement, but the key thing is we do not treat interns as interns. We treat interns like any other employee, the only difference is there’s a termination date on the contract… but even that can get changed to unlimited any time during the GDP period.

The TRG information booth attracted hundreds of students who were looking for a place with  the great opportunities to grow their experience and achieve success.

Here are some photos at event

TRG-information-booth-at-RMIT-Career-Expo.jpgTRG information booth at RMIT Career Expo


TRG International at RMIT Career Exppo 22 April 2016


RMIT student registered  for internship program at TRG International


RMIT student played game at TRG information booth


TRG support-team at RMIT Career Expo 22 April 2016

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