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TRG Talk - Project Management: New Trends in Change Management

Posted by Ngoc Doan on

On June 7th , TRG and IPMA co-hosted the TRG Talk - Project Management with the topic "Change Management Trends Project Managers Need to be Aware of". Two experienced speakers: Mr. Brian O'Reilly- Deputy Director of Industrial Relations and Technology Transfer Centre, VGU, Mr. Rick Yvanovich – Founder & CEO of TRG International, and the participants shared great and useful time together discussing trends across different types of organisations and the impacts on their projects.

Change Management Trends PMs Need to be Aware of

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Key change management trends

In the seminar, Mr. Brian listed 6 trends that he had observed across various industries and public institutions:

1. Managing multiple changes while delivering short-term results

Changes was seen as something with big impact and should not happen frequently, now it’s normal for the business to change and has a thought out plan to manage it. Leaders and their teams are tasked with leading and participating in multiple changes in order to achieve their annual objectives.

2. Organisational agility is the “Holy Grail” of effectiveness

Many organisations aren’t set up for flexibility. This has unknowingly lead to static thinking and rigid behaviour in the interest of consistency and efficiency.

Organisational agility is a mindset enabled by structures, roles, processes, technologies and behaviours. It can only be attained through adjustments to how people work.

3. Leaders are expected to play a greater role in change management

Leaders have always been expected to lead the change. What is changing is how “leadership” is defined. The “tell me what to say” style of management is rapidly declining; all successful leaders must be fully engaged and personally commitment.

4. Disruption is desired

Many leaders want to utilise the disruptions that changes brought in order to gain a better competitive advantage. It is more likely the case if you want to win against highly innovated competitors that offer higher-end products.

5. Behaviour-led culture is a primary enabler of performance

There is a transition from a process-focused approach to a behavioural one. The belief that changing behaviours is the way to change people’s mindsets is coming back into popularity. Cultural behavioural norms are being assessed and new ones are being considered.

6. Consistency through centralisation continues to be popular

Organisations are continuing to centralise their strategies, decision making and business processes to ensure the engagement, consistency, and efficiency. Power is shifting from business units to the central body to align groups and benchmark performance.

Change Management Trends PMs Need to be Aware of 1

At the end of the talk, Mr. Brian and Mr. Rick together with the attendees discussed about how to apply the above change management trends into a real life situation. Hopefully, after the seminar, everybody had a clear picture about the newest change management trends and its importance in the success of a project.

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About TRG Talk

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in the IT industry and the HR world, as well as tips and trick in improving your project management skills.

About TRG Talk - Project Management

TA good Project Manager must be able to identify problems and risks. He/ She also needs to know how to minimise these issues and is able to make the decision needed throughout the entirety of the project. Do you consider yourself a good project manager? Do you have the required skills and power to handle the situation and the people involved in your project?

TRG Talk - Project Management is a monthly meetup that allows project managers to discuss in detail what it takes to become great at what you're doing. The event takes place every first Thursday of the month. 

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