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TRG Talk Talent: The Importance of Employer Branding

Posted by Ngoc Doan on

On December 27th, the seminar TRG Talk – Talent with the attractive topic of brand building has received much attention from attendees. Branding is not a new topic, but it has always been a topic of great interest to businesses.

Having an effective brand strategy can make a great impact on the business. Rick Yvanovich, our speaker for the seminar, posed the question “Have you paid enough attention to your brand strategy?” in hope to equip the participants with necessary information on building a compelling brand strategy with the purpose of recruiting talented people. With more than 30 years of experience working in various fields such as finance, IT, etc.., Rick not only helps the participant to better understand about branding but also shows important branding steps in the search for talents.

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TRG Talk Talent – Employer Branding

The 5-stage candidate journey in Employer Branding

Rick pointed out that branding does not limit to just making candidates aware of what positions the businesses are hiring. What’ more important is providing them with abundant information about your brand and activities, thus making them desire to work and corporate with our businesses more.

In order to do that, Rick presented the 5-stage candidate journey in Employer Branding based on which businesses can take steps to attract the right candidates.

The 5 stages candidate journey are:

  • I know
  • I Like
  • I am convinced
  • I am in
  • I recommend

Rick then further explained if the candidates fell into the “I know” and “I am convinced” stages, they are passive candidates. The “I am convinced” and “I am in” stages mean the candidates are now ready to apply. Finally, the “I recommend” stage is the stage at which the candidate becomes a full-time employee and your business is truly aligned with the candidate’s interest. With these 5 stages, Rick has deepened the question of “How to get to the final stage?”

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Rick stressed that in order to build a compelling Employer Branding, you need to build a unique and attractive employee value proposition (EVP) which can be explained using 5 simple steps below:

  • Explore - to explore factors that keep employees motivated and continue to work for the companies.
  • Research - where to look for information about your employee. Sources can be employee survey, focus group, informal/ 360-degree feedback, exit interviews, etc.
  • Build - analyse all the information you've gathered from the research stage and establish the foundation for your EVP,
  • Create - have an explanation for what you've built to persuade and maintain the foundations that businesses have built; create relationships and connect with all employees
  • Adopt - announce your EVP to the entire business and the public but remember to frequently review and adjust as needed.

Moreover, Rick cited specific brands that are well known in the world such as McDonald’s. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss more the issues they are facing in branding and networking with talents in the company. 

TRG Talk Talent – Employer Branding

About TRG Talk

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in not only the IT industry but also other rising and upcoming notions in the HR world, tips and trick in improving your project management skills, at the same time provide a meeting place for the CGMA, ACMA and FCMA community.

About TRG Talk – Talent

Is your organisation caught in various problems revolve around talent management? Are you actively looking for ways to efficiently as well as effectively recruit and retain talented staff? TRG Talk - Talent series is a platform where all leaders can openly share their experience in managing talents, how to create and maintain a healthy working environment where everyone of any background, belief, and identity can work harmoniously.

TRG Talk - Talent is held every fourth Wednesday of the month.

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