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Business Intelligence (BI): Why not?

Posted by Vy Huynh on

Business Intelligence (BI) is not just a trend that is attracting attention of various organisations around the world. It is about the best practices of using information in managing and optimising business performance in order to maximise profitability and help companies remain viable in the competitive business environment. This article will give readers a general idea of what BI is. 

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Topics: Business Intelligence

The rising need for business insights

Posted by Rick Yvanovich on

Intense competition domestically and globally means that only the most capable can stay and thrive. Sometimes a decision can make or break a company’s future. Therefore, business leaders are under greater pressures than ever to perform well by capitalising on the best available methods and tools. Business Intelligence (BI), or Business insights, has been increasingly sought after as a platform to improve core processes that drive performance and profits. This blog looks at some of the most notable trends and findings relating to business insights adoption.

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Topics: Business Intelligence

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