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3 Key Pros and Cons of Psychometric Assessments

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Psychometric Assessments are increasingly used by recruiters to assess the job applicantsabilities, skills, personalities, and the level of interests to find whether or not the candidates are suitable for the jobs, the teams, and the culture of the organisation 

Although Psychometric Assessments are becoming more popular and widely accepted, their effectiveness still needs to be addressed. Therefore, let us dive into the primary advantages and disadvantages of Psychometric Assessments in this article.   

3 key pros and cons of Psychometric Assessments.

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3 advantages of Psychometric Assessments 

The recruiters use the assessments as a powerful technique to recruit faster and to minimise the need to set up multiples face-to-face interviews just to evaluate the suitability of the candidates. Moreover, the assessments also include other benefits 

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Properly assess candidates' capacity 

In most cases, it is difficult for the employers to accurately measure the candidates’ abilities because of the similarity in the answers provided by most candidates. There are candidates who shine brightly at the interviews while others simply do not know how to present their experiences. Both instances can confuse the recruiter, making him/her unable to fully comprehend the applicant’s abilities completely.  

Psychometric Assessments are a wonderful method to build the standards in measuring the candidates’ competence. The results from the assessments provide a deeper insight into the behaviours and personalities of candidates, which in turn, helps the recruiting team to assess whether they will fit in with the job and your company culture 

Additionally, the assessments also allow the managers to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of a particular job applicant before hiring, empower them to come up with the right management approaches, and devise the appropriate development path for the candidates in the future. 

Save cost and time 

Another advantage is that they are cost-effective and easy to deploy. It can take several months just to find one quality candidate 

With Psychometric Assessments, the process is reduced to a matter of hours. As a result, the costs associated with recruitment, like the unproductive employee's cost, high turnover rates, or the cost of job changing, decline significantly. 

Flexibility and customisability 

The assessments can be used at any stage in the entire recruitment process. The set of questions used in the assessments can be customised depends on your company’s needs and scope.  

For example, the Psychometric Assessments can be applied: 

  • Right at the beginning, when the candidates submit their application forms, to sort the highly suitable from the rest. 
  • Alongside the first interview. 
  • In later stages or as a required re-assessment to test the validity of the candidates’ previous answers. 
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3 disadvantages of Psychometric Assessments  

Psychometric Assessments also have several drawbacks that you should take into account. 

Causing nervousness  

In some circumstances, the candidates can become anxious at the beginning of the tests. Therefore, they make more mistakes than usual. Too much nervousness can also cause the individuals to collapse and disqualify themselves before moving on. 

Unreliable answers  

The candidates can choose to answer untruthfully or ask for support from other people. In another case, the test takers are forced to pick only the available answers, which may or may not match with their true personalities 

The human’s behaviours and characters are truly complex, and sometimes, there is no one right or wrong, black or white answer. There appears to be a grey area where your potential candidates situated in.  

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The potential cultural biases 

Psychometric Assessments could contain prejudices against people who have different cultural backgrounds, languages, psychological dispositions and even anxiety around testing. This is because this type of assessment can be difficult to standardise across languages leading to the possibility of them containing cultural bias. 

Those who speak different languages, come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, or those who never heard of Psychometric Assessment could be eradicated even though they have the necessary qualification for the job. 

If you are going to use psychometrics as part of your recruitment process, the best advice is not to rely wholly on a single result. Using the assessments as a tactic and combining the results with interviews, practical exercises, and reference checks. 

To be more effective, you should use them as an additional, detailed information, not the definitive answer. 

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