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Companies’ Views on Talent Management (Part 3)

Posted by Yen Phuong Nguyen on

Talent management is a business strategy that can enable an organisation to retain the top talented employees. And day by day, this complex model of recruitment has become more and more like Marketing.

In this post, we will find out what is Talent Management Marketing and many other ways to support Talent Management.

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Companies’ Views on Talent Management

The marketing-applying trend for Talent Management

When scarce talent is gradually becoming the target of business hunting, applying Talent Management need some marketing in it. That is the reason why the candidate relationship tools can promote the business through the context, to attract potential candidates and foster them from the beginning to create trust, loyalty and enthusiasm to work and participate in the company.

Leaders need to use a variety of marketing techniques and are increasingly collaborating with the company's marketing team to develop a plan to attract talents. The most commonly used methods are promotion at universities, colleges and educational institutions, or targeted advertising packages on social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Snapchat).

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Like Business Marketing, Talent Management Marketing also reduces labour costs, attracts higher quality candidates, and improves the retention of internal staff. It also helps to build a network of part-time and prospective employees, making it easier for recruiters to work.

Recently, employers are starting to consider the employment brand as one of their product brands. Therefore, they analyze, study, improve and carefully manage it. In addition, they localize the employment brand for each place where they operate.

Companies’ Views on Talent Management

Ways to support Talent Management

With the explosion of social media and smartphones, nearly half of the candidates are now looking for work on mobile devices. The time when organizations would only advertise on "career" pages or on their own websites is long gone. There are now many talent approaches for employers to choose from:

+ Innovation: Expand strategic recruitment targets, ask specific questions: Who to look for? What can new sources of talent be developed? Do you need free-lancer talents for your the organization?

+ Go beyond the limits: With its widespread popularity, almost every organization uses social networking to seek for employees. However, keep in mind that Facebook is not the only tool, we need to combine other popular social networks to promote, build stronger talent communities - networks.

+ Use Big Data to Develop Talent Networks: Organizations can leverage Big Data tools from providers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Infor to determine the candidate with high quality suitable for work.

+ Use Talent Management tools to identify the top talent for the company, understand interview techniques, and identify the concept of "fit to the job" to improve the quality and effectiveness of recruiting.

+ Maintain a network of active candidates: Use candidate relationship management to cultivate prospects, turning them from passive to the active candidate.

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While recruiting is still needed to solve the talent shortage problems, Talent Management is a long-term strategy that businesses need to seriously pay attention to improving the efficiency of recruiting. If an organisation believes that human resources are one of the growth drivers, Talent Management is an indispensable task. It can be a long way and cannot prove effective immediately, but it will definitely help bring the best for the business.

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