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Infor SunSystems is a comprehensive financial management solution combining technological innovations and usability with a depth of functionality achieved through decades of practical application. Not only does it deliver real-time financial and operational reporting and analysis; but it also helps businesses make better decisions and react quickly to potential issues with proactive alerting capabilities.

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Finance solutions in the cloud - SunSystems Cloud

The rise of cloud computing

However, technology continues to evolve at rapid speed. To be specific, cloud computing is becoming the new trend in enterprise software.

So what is cloud computing? It is a type of internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. Basically, cloud computing gives users access anytime, anywhere; and the only thing required is an internet connection. As a result, TRG considers this an advantage and has built up a new cloud-based accounting solution called Infor SunSystems Cloud.

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SunSystems Cloud's benefits

TRG first launched SunSystems Cloud in 2016 on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with the same features as the on-premises SunSystems application. Therefore, one of the biggest benefits of SunSystems Cloud is to eliminate the problem of housing and maintaining computer hardware and the associated infrastructure. Besides, there are certain benefits that SunSystems Cloud offers:

  • Ease of use: Full functionality of SunSystems including dashboards and Q&A reporting, invoice printing, document management, etc. All of these things are delivered through web browsers. 
  • Accessibility: SunSystems Cloud can be accessed from different places or even different countries and in real-time. Moreover, it is accessible via any device such as PCs, MacBooks, Android or iOS.
  • Security: TRG applies AWS Cloud Security and Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) in order to protect financial information from theft or data leakage.
  • Scalability: SunSystems Cloud is designed and fine-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing landscape of business.

In conclusion, SunSystems Cloud is created to serve a growing market demand and be compatible with current technology trends. Furthermore, SunSystems Cloud is constantly upgraded to offer the best solutions to customers.

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