A Glance at the Changes of Recruiting in the Digital Age

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Over the past decade, candidate’s view on recruitment has changed rapidly, from passively looking for a recruiting post on newspaper, to actively looking for jobs and choosing which company they want to work for via the Internet. This shift was mainly initiated since the Millennial generation began to join the workforce. With their constant availability online, organisations have to change their way of approaching candidate and keeping themselves at the forefront of the job market.

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A Glance at the Changes of Recruiting in The Digital Age

Along with the rise of digital technology, today candidate journey should be engaging to the future employees. Organisations can start asking themselves these following questions in order to evaluate their hiring process:

  • Are target candidates familiar with your company brand?
  • Does your organisation have a candidate persona to describe the ideal candidates?
  • Are your recruitment posts available when your target candidate searches?
  • Can candidates easily engage with your company on social media platforms?
  • Is your apply process easy-to-follow and friction-free?
  • Does your brand pop up when a potential candidate thinks of changing their career?

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Recruiting in the digital age

Build your employer brand

The late Millennial, or the upcoming generation Z, is becoming the future of the workforce. It is clear that they do everything online. And your hiring process should also reflect this trend. Organisations should invest in, monitor, control and build up their image as an employer.

Young generation has the tendency to conduct their job search online, therefore, it is highly important for an organisation to focus on building their employer brand. Before a candidate starts considering to apply, it’s likely that they have checked out your website, social media channels and other online portals. This means that having a clear, thoughtful online presence is crucial as well as the appearance of many websites dedicated to employee reviews (sites that empower employees to rate employers and their working culture).

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Utilising your organisation brand digitally puts you among the top leading employers and helps you win the talent competition against others. Young talents have their own values, needs and demands which reflect on the employer’s image and should not be ignored.

Recruitment tools

Your recruiting process should be up-to-date with the digital trend since the potential candidate’s daily lives is deeply integrated into the Internet. They exchange and receive information through social media and applications, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Correspondingly, these young talents conduct their job searches, research the company entirely online.

A Glance at the Changes of Recruiting in The Digital Age

Organisations nowadays no longer approach candidates through newspapers or job fairs, the development of job board sites have become the preferred method for promoting jobs and company’s brand. Social media is also an essential component of many modern hiring processes. With the help of tools and programs, companies now can easily track a potential candidate’s social footprint and spot out those whose mindset matches with theirs.

Infographic: The pros and cons of pre-hire assessments

Re-analyse your approach to Candidate Experience

A modern candidate journey these day requires high engagement with the entire recruitment process. Candidates expect companies to be responsive and communicative not just only at the applying stage. Young professionals nowadays have a lot more options for jobs than before, they are more willing to travel or relocate to a different region for the right job.

There are many ways for companies to improve their candidate experience. The hiring process should be quick and fit perfectly with the digital lifestyle of young candidates. The hiring and assessment process can be made online; candidates can schedule the interview themselves or simply do it anytime they feel suited. By going virtual, companies are able to conduct a pre-hire assessment with ease and take a step further by providing candidates with valuable results from the assessment.

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Recruiting in the digital age is no longer the same as before. The result of the recruitment decided by how organisations built their employer brand and improve the candidate experience. They should make sure that they own a strong, active network image, engage deeply with potential talents, communicate with them in a timely manner. These features can make a big difference to your employer’s brand. In order to successfully find talents, organisations must adapt to the changing job market, in which technology plays an important role in attracting and nurturing potential employees.

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