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Successful Recruitment: Tips and some latest trends

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In times of rapid change, especially in the business world, many leaders are increasingly citing the role of recruiting professionals. If you want to build and grow your organisation, you need to know how to recruit the best talents, which means spending more time on hiring and developing talents.

Recruiting is considered to be the backbone of an organisation because nothing is more important than finding the right person and creating an effective growth plan for them, especially when a wrong hire is detrimental to the organisation. So how to recruit successfully? What elements need extra attention?

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Successful Recruitment: Tips and some latest trends

Making the recruitment plans

According to LinkedIn's Global Career Trends Report, the following four recruitment trends will have a major impact on the recruitment process in 2018: diversity, new interviewing tools, data and artificial intelligence.

Gender and ethnic diversity become more important in 2018. Businesses need to provide the same opportunity for everyone, including disabled and veterans, even emancipists in some certain cases. This is also a really good way to build a brand image for organisations to make a good impression towards the community.

While traditional interviews are not completely eliminated, in 2018, with the help of new tools and interview platforms, employers can assess the skills and the overall capabilities of applicants more accurately and time-efficiently. With so much data available in the digital world today, it is possible to predict the hiring results, not just tracking them. As a result, data will only become more essential in 2018.

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can also greatly influence the process of interviewing and evaluating the candidates. It not only creates better-automated recruitment process but also alleviates many errors. Of course, not all things can be replaced by AI because they need the sensibility that only humans have, such as building relationships with the candidates or realising the potential that exceeds the authentic information.

Plans for anything involved in the business activities should be well prepared, and so should recruitment. In particular, managers need to know where their organisations are currently standing, what they expect from their employees and what kind of tools or assessments will be used to evaluate the candidate.

Successful Recruitment: Tips and some latest trends

Focusing on mission, value, talent

The truth is that hiring the right people takes a lot of time, but this is perfectly normal. In addition, hastily picking a person to fill a vacant position can have a lasting effect, even after the employee leaves the job. There are five important stages in the hiring process that managers need to pay attention to:

  • Determine the value, vision and objectives of the organisation: the more clearly they are made, the more realistic and effective the recruitment direction of your organisation will be.
  • Study the talent, growth direction and career intention of the candidates: use or combine technology and various forms of evaluation to know the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants.
  • Question the candidates’ ability to deal with challenges: ask each candidate to provide solutions for specific situations built on the current status of the organisation.
  • Carefully decide who is the best match: compare each candidate's profile with the top performers’ profiles, or compare the candidate's personal goals with the organisation's overall goal to find the best match for the position.
  • Improve your talent pool: by cultivating, maintaining relationships with candidates, even if they do not meet the recruitment criteria at a certain time.

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Some latest recruitment trends to notice in 2018

Talent Relationship Management (TRM)

TRM will gain a significant attention this year now that the hiring organisations are involved. With the help of proactive Applicant Tracking Systems, recruiting managers will be able to find more qualified candidates.

Social recruitment strategy

More and more enterprises are adopting social recruiting strategies to find talent, advertise their work and to communicate with the potential candidates. There will be a head start, especially for those who invest in social media and social listening tools.

An application process that supports mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. By 2018, more and more organisations move to a mobile-powered application process to meet the expectation of the candidates which are mostly Millennials.

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