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TRG Talk: Talent – Change Your Environment or Change Yourself

Posted by Quynh Nguyen Nhu on

October 30th 2019 - The monthly TRG Talk about Talent Management with the topic: “Change your environment or change yourself” welcomed dozens of dedicated HR professionals. This month’s seminar was led by Rick Yvanovich, Founder and CEO of TRG International, who has 40-year experience working in various industries and countries.

Rick began the Talk by engaging the attendees in a quick discussion to get everybody’s thought on the topic with these conversation starters: How does the environment impact us? How do we adapt to our environment? How do we change our environment? Why should we change our environment? Or should we change?

Highlights of TRG Talk: Talent – Change Your Environment or Change Yourself

In the workplace, people in the organisation is the environment

Rick concluded the discussion with a statement: People is the environment, and the relationships and attitudes in that environment can have either a positive or negative effect. It’s about how people get along with each other, how we communicate if we can trust each other, the company goals and values.

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Rick then moved on to address the topic of the Talk in more details through a series of questions.

Are we compatible with our environment?

In other words, can we exist with other people in the company without conflict? The more compatible we are, the happier we can be.

There exist six different types of people in the workplace: doers, thinkers, creators, helpers, persuaders and organisers. We all have these qualities within us, and depending on your interests, you’re more compatible with some than others. If the interests are complete opposites, it’s difficult to get along whereas if they are only a little bit different, you can be somewhat compatible.

Is it better to work in an environment with people who are just like you?

It is said that you’re as successful as the five people you spend the majority of your time with. Therefore, it is crucial to choose carefully who those five people are. They should be people that lift you up, people you can learn from.

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Here, Rick stressed the importance of having a diverse workforce. A strong diversity agenda makes people feel less isolated as there will always be someone that they are compatible with.

How we feel in the environment is essential. The better we align with people around us, the easier it is to adjust and fit in. A diverse workforce allows everybody to contribute something unique. It’s more important that there is a common goal to work towards. It’s a matter of direction, everybody will feel a little bit out of place, but at least there is a general direction.

It’s all about the state of mind

Rick highlighted that most of this Talk has been about employees adapting to their environment, but what about the organisation? The organisation you are in might have good values and a good culture, but it might not fit with what the employees are doing, so the challenge is trying to change. Develop a learning culture that inspires people to learn new skills. Skills can be developed, but we need to teach people to adopt a growth mindset.

It’s how we think and whether we believe if we can change. It’s all about fixed versus growth mindset. Rick gave an example of a school system research: Teachers were told that one group of students were really smart, whereas the other group was not as much. The smart group ended up being more successful in life, which was expected.

What the teachers didn’t know was that the students in the two groups were picked at random. The teachers ended up treating the two groups differently, proving the impact the environment can have. Having a fixed mindset will not get you far, whereas a growth mindset will develop and benefit you. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

We have to create an environment that encourages lifelong learning, continuous development, and positive changes. Disruptive transformation is the new normal. Everything nowadays evolves at a rapid pace, and this is changing how we work and communicate.

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Highlights of TRG Talk: Talent – Change Your Environment or Change Yourself

How far should we push ourselves to adapt to our environment?

Before joining an environment, we should research it ourselves first, so we know what we are getting into. When we get there, build trust and relationships through face to face communication. As previously mentioned, it is crucial to have a growth mindset and surround ourselves with people that can challenge us, encourage us; someone we can learn from.

It is also essential to listen to and understand the environment. Sometimes, things might not work out the way we want it to be. It’s not possible to change the environment by yourself, but together we can!

All in all, it’s about changing the environment AND yourself.

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How can you better yourself to achieve success?

How to change yourself – 7 steps success formula by Rick:

  • Show up: Always show up on time, no matter the occasion.
  • Be consistent: Keep doing what you are doing. It can be as simple as showing up for work on time every day.
  • Good Attitude: Always keep the right attitude. If you surround yourself with positive thoughts and a proper attitude, you will: 1) be happier in general, and 2) people will feel good being around you, working with you and talking to you.
  • Be committed for a long period of time: Rome wasn’t built in one day; neither will your goals. Stay committed; small good deeds will over time be a great benefit to you.
  • Have faith in a burning desire – believe in yourself and what you’re doing: It is important to believe in yourself and what you’re doing, if you don’t believe in you, no one will.
  • Willing to pay the price: Achieving your goals may require some sacrifices, but if you’re committed, it will be worthwhile.
  • Integrity – Do what you say and say what you do: Maybe the most important of the seven steps. Make sure that people can trust you. That you do what you say you will do that you are going to be where you promised, that you have good morals and be transparent. Having people trusting you is the key to success.

About TRG Talk

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in not only the IT industry but also other rising and upcoming notions in the HR world, tips and trick in improving your project management skills, at the same time provide a meeting place for the CGMA, ACMA and FCMA community.

About TRG Talk – Talent

Is your organisation caught in various problems revolve around talent management? Are you actively looking for ways to efficiently as well as effectively recruit and retain talented staff? TRG Talk - Talent series is a platform where all leaders can openly share their experience in managing talents, how to create and maintain a healthy working environment where everyone of any background, belief, and identity can work harmoniously.

TRG Talk - Talent is held every fourth Wednesday of the month.

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