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Getting coached today is no longer associated with the stigma "there must be something broken. Why else are you hiring a coach?"

Coaching can take many forms. Many seek advice to transform individually, while others are inspired to transform their teams.

It is becoming common for executives to seek out coaches, attend coaching sessions and programs, and even become coaches themselves, as part of an executive development program and as an investment for their high potentials.

Infographic: Understand the difference between Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching for sustainable growth and higher team performance

Coaching could be for personal purposes, for instance, to achieve holistic happiness, obtain personal insights, improve overall mental health and quality of life.

Business leaders also often seek a strategic coach to explore their motivation, bridge any gaps, and alleviate roadblocks so that they can reach their full potential.

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In turns, they can engage their high-performance teams in discovering, planning, and achieving both the team and company’s objectives.

Ignite personal and team’s transformations with coaching

As an executive, you have a lot on your plates. Even if you are not lost, you can still gain tremendous benefits from coaching.

Coaching is not the last resort to salvage an individual with performance issues. A coach does not weigh in their personal opinion or try to solve your specific problems. What they offer is a confidential and supportive board for you.

They will ask questions, challenge assumptions, provide resources, and help you to achieve clarity so in turns you can solve your own problems and reach your goals. Coaching can stimulate transformations for executives, thus enabling you to shift away from unhealthy behaviours and habits.

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Coaching is not a "nice-to-have" perk

If your company harbours a growth mindset and creates plenty of opportunities for employees to maximise their potential, coaching should be viewed as a business imperative. And it starts with building a coaching culture for sustainable growth.

A coaching culture requires a coaching mindset and coaching practices to be embedded and applied throughout the organisation. It becomes a part of the company's identity so that it impacts not only the way your employees interact with each other but also with customers and potential clients.

A coaching culture is the breeding ground for radical organisational transformations, that combined with a coaching mindset and coaching practices daily, can facilitate:

  • Frequent, natural feedforward sessions without triggering negativity nor intimidating behaviours.
  • The development of support, challenge, and stress-test each other's thinking, ideas, opinions
  • Conversations that can have lasting impacts.

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Most leaders agree that employees are a company’s most valuable assets and acknowledge the importance of recruiting the right talents. However, not many would put much thought into developing their workforce to achieve strategic objectives.

More often than not, employees' roles and responsibilities are amended to adapt to leaders' increasingly ambitious goals. But you can only rotate them around so much. In contrast, improving your team members' abilities through structured coaching and ongoing development enable you and the members to achieve much higher long-term values, particularly in today's rapidly changing environment.

Instilling a coaching culture can help nurture high-performance teams and an environment that holds members accountable, aligned with the company's vision and goals while also strengthens a climate of full engagement, personal development, and mutual support.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Coaching starts with you. A better culture starts with better conversations. Are you ready to transform yourself today?

You came at just the right time. ITD World is organising a comprehensive Certified Coaching and Mentoring Professional program that enables you to witness firsthand a continuous learning intervention over six months towards professional mastery of coaching and mentoring.

For more details on the program, prerequisites, investment values and more, please click the button below.

Start your coaching and mentoring career today

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