Financial Management for Nonprofits: a World Vision's Case Study

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World Vision, based in Monrovia, California, is a global relief organisation committed to improving the well-being of people around the world, particularly children. With the aims to help poor children and their families build a sustainable future, World Vision’ responsibility is to assure that the resources they spent are used according to their mission. Acknowledging the situation, World Vision realised that they need support in managing their complex financial consolidation and reporting processes.

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Financial Management for Nonprofits: the World Vision's Case Study


Financial management for nonprofit organisations

World Vision bolsters its accountability

Infor SunSystems meets World Vision’s need — an application that can handle multicurrency accounting. For over 15 years, World Vision has been using SunSystems in about 1,000 locations around the world, making it the standard within the global NGO’s offices.

However, World Vision understood that along with their growth, they would need to add a performance management solution in order to gather key financial information in different countries and improve their accountability. World Vision chose Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) so that they can minimise any frictions when connecting and consolidating financial data. 

Infor d/EPM centralises operational data into a single source of truth that provides real-time, accessible insight for further uses at all time and across the organisation. Moreover, World Vision chose Infor due to the trust that has been built over time between two parties. Infor’s solution has reasonable cost, support multicurrency with plenty of room for future growth along with the organisation.

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Combining the solutions for breakthrough results

The process of implementing Infor d/EPM at World Vision’s numerous locations has progressed smoothly. The application gathers all key financial information from 70 divisions across the world that make up 5,000 projects and supports the financial consolidation, and then the financial reporting process, and provide them to management. It also helps accumulate the insights for decision-making and improve their overall accountability.

A unified source of information is highly crucial for a global organisation like World Vision. Since data originated from multiple places, it can be confusing for employees to assess the validity of the information. Infor d/EPM system ensures all inputs from different locations are stored in one place, updated in real-time, thus, empower the employees to access the most recent data, also able to quickly slice and dice it according to their needs.

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Such a large international humanitarian organisation as World Vision has an array of complex operations. For example, besides their operations in 70 countries, they also raise money in 20 other countries with demands from donors. That is why Infor d/EPM’s comprehensive features - web access, global information, slicing and dicing, and multicurrency accounting – make sure that the decision-making process is well-informed with updated and analysed data.

According to Larry Johnson - Senior Finance Director for Global Operations & Reporting at World Vision: “We wanted a product that we could expand in our national office and add new types of information. We needed reasonable assurance that the product and its upgrades would keep pace with us. With our success so far, we are confident that Infor will provide that.”

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In summary

In the World Vision’s case, Infor SunSystems and Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management systems have successfully delivered many values:

  • Data transition from SunSystems to d/EPM is carried out with ease. The two systems work together smoothly to consolidate, analyse data and provide reports to management.
  • Multiple data sources are centralised, providing only one source of global statistics.
  • Slicing and dicing of data is possible for different needs along with multicurrency accounting capability.
  • World Vision’s accountability is boosted significantly.

To learn more about Infor d/EPM and its capabilities in full, request a free demo today!

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