Infor CloudSuite Fashion: Tailor-Made ERP for Fashion Enterprises

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The global race between manufacturers to streamline their operation in an escalating complex market has resulted in the need for an ERP solution that can handle and solve the unfolding business challenges.  

Infor CloudSuite Fashion for the fashion industry

Forbes has stated that in the fashion industry, there are 30-40% of products sold at markdown prices. The fashion industry has witnessed the movement to prioritise omnichannel sales to adapt to customer's preferences.

Let’s take Alibaba for example; the Chinese retail giant has surpassed American retailers thanks to its online payment system. The shift has explained why more fashion businesses are considering upgrading their managing system on the cloud: leveraging the fast deployment, agile and cost-effective features. In other words, it takes an enterprise solution that is agile and responsive enough to reinvent the way the organisation operates, yields success and keep them leading in the competition. 

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Infor CloudSuite Fashion - the Cloud ERP solution that fashion industry needs

Infor CloudSuite includes solutions that are built specifically for selected industries, delivered via the AWS cloud. Infor CloudSuite is the next generation of ERP software that is highly reliable, scalable, and innovative in comparison with legacy systems. Infor CloudSuite is suitable for organisations in diverse industries, providing the tailored and discrete solutions, as well as the agility, elasticity, and cost benefits of the cloud on-demand computing system. 

By joining forces with AWS, Infor Cloudsuite aims to elevate and transform your processes entirely with its business-critical applications, plus cloud computing capabilities. Currently hosting more than 62 million cloud users and 7,000 global cloud customers, Infor CloudSuite is proven to provide not only a stable performance but also continually innovating technologies while ensuring the security of the organisational data. 

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In the case of fashion companies, utilising the cloud computing functionalities that is agile and responsive allow them to be more confident, successfully meet customer expectations in the modern age. Today consumer expect and prefer to be provided with regularly updated software, allowing them to make instant purchases through online platforms. Acknowledging the new demand of consumers, fashion companies need a solution that is capable of carrying out digital transformation, establishing omnichannel strategy, supporting mobile display as well as effectively managing inventory.  

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Infor CloudSuite Fashion 

Part of the Infor CloudSuite solutions, the Infor CloudSuite Fashion is made for businesses in the fashion industry. It utilises the latest Infor OS technology with rich industry-specific functionalities, plus tools to cover all the core processes of your business. The solution has a built-in Accelerator for Fashion, which provides preconfigured support, shortens the time for implementation, results in faster time to value, and reduces risk for your processes.  

Made specifically for apparel, footwear, home textile, and fashion accessories companies, the Infor CloudSuite Fashion acts as a core pillar that supports your processes, encompassing from manufacturers, brand owners, to private brand retailers. Infor CloudSuite Fashion helps you to reach your customers from everywhere, on every platform.

With a minimal upfront investment, Infor CloudSuite Fashion supports both browser and mobile displays, along with seamless and comprehensive functions. Therefore, it reduces your labour costs, provides hassle-free adoption for users and delivers faster time to value. 

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At a glance, Infor CloudSuite Fashion provides users with many industry-specific functionalities and user productivities while being on the cloud. It handles a complexity of inventory characteristics, style and non-style items, integrated with collaboration tools between the users, suppliers and customers.

Infor CloudSuite Fashion empowers your omnichannel strategy, giving it the infrastructure it needs to operate efficiently. For example, it features global inventory management, product configuration for embellishment, personalisation, and measure-to-order functions.

Inherit the simplified user interface from the CloudSuite solutions, Infor CloudSuite Fashion is designed with high priority for refinement, easy-to-use features require minimal training for the end-users. 

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Key features of Infor CloudSuite Fashion 

Cloud-based PLM 

Fashion product lifecycle management (PLM) on the cloud is available to assist you in the product design, development, line planning, and partner collaboration stages. With Fashion PLM, you are provided with the essential tools to streamline designs, reduce development costs, and shorten the process of developing new products from concept to consumer's hands. 

Customer demand planning 

With a holistic display of customer details, from their contact data, the lead conversion process to the sales transactions point, you can effectively manage customer’s purchases as well as envision their expectation of the upcoming products. Powered by machine learning, the system automatically forecasts, plans and assorts customer demand based on real-time data. 

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Supply chain management 

With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, you get the world’s largest cloud-based global commerce platform that equips you with extensive visibility and control over your inventory. It is also integrated with the Warehouse Management System for warehousing and logistics management.

The warehouse management functionality does not only help you acquire a holistic view of your performance across borders, but it also reduces inventory levels and increases inventory turns. Additionally, CloudSuite Fashion support traceability to help prove ethical sourcing should your business need it. 

Omni-channel kick-starter 

Understanding the needs of retailers in launching their omnichannel system, specifically for fashion businesses in grasping customer’s demand and effectively oversee the supply chain, Infor CloudSuite Fashion’s Networked Order Management component is one of the key features that add in delivering a thorough and efficient omnichannel shopping experience for customers.

Along with the integrated financial management tool, you are enabled to improve governance and compliance across the business, both local and global, in-store and online websites, they all are merged into one single view in the system and automatically updated in real-time. 

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The bottom line 

Infor CloudSuite Fashion future proof your business with its deep micro-vertical fashion functionalities, as well as the scalability for your future, envisioned growth. Having the system based on AWS’s cloud servers, all the concerns about cyber-attacks or data breach can be eliminated, giving you more time to focus on other core operation.

With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, your business no longer needs to worry about manually upgrading the system; it will be regularly updated to the latest, most innovative version as it is maintained by Infor in the cloud. 

Featured with the latest Infor OS technology, Infor CloudSuite Fashion is your number one choice of the leading software for the fashion industry. With the well-invested and innovative user interface (UI), the software solves your concerns of attracting young talents, motivating and retaining staff. Infor CloudSuite Fashion is developed with a full scope of functionality, scalability and correspondence that unlock your potential to the fullest. 

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In order to withstand the rapidly changing market and customer demands, fashion businesses need a solution that is agile, efficient, and seamlessly supports not only their operations but also establish a meaningful relationship with the customers and retain them for more future transactions. With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, you get a solution mainly built for the fashion industry, helping you to capture growth opportunities, gain full control and successfully thrive your business. 

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