[Infographic] - A comparison of Tier 1 ERP Vendors

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The large number of ERP vendors in the market can be categorised using the tiers system. Tier 1 vendors are the giants that, together, hold the lion’s share of the global ERP market.

Traditionally, the Tier 1 category was a two-player battle, where SAP faced off against Oracle. But in recent years, Microsoft, under the brand name Dynamics, and Infor have grown significantly, partly through acquisition, and become serious contenders for market dominance. 

A comparison of Tier 1 ERP Vendors

So how do these giants fare against each other? The 2017 ERP Systems Rankings Report by Panorama Consulting provides solid analysis for ranking the Tier 1 vendors. Data collected from 1,660 respondents between September 2012 and February 2016 was used to determine the following critical metrics: market share, project cost and duration, functionality, and payback period. A comparison of tier 1 ERP vendors: SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics

It may come as a surprise that Infor is the best overall. The company is arguably the least known of the Giant 4, but it performs very well across all criteria. It ranked first only in one metric while SAP and Oracle both ranked first in two criteria, but Infor ranked second in three others. It ranked fourth in the market share criterion, but that’s the least important metric.

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Purchasing the most expensive system from the most well-known vendor does not guarantee a successful ERP implementation. There is no shortage of stories about high-profile ERP failures involving big-name vendors. While these findings may guide you, there is no “best choice” for all organisations. You need to conduct a thorough and rigorous software evaluation to choose the right ERP system for your organisation. 

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