7 Things to Know About the Newly Launched Infor SunSystems Cloud

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Infor SunSystems Cloud (or some would call this version SunSystems 7/ SunSystems SaaS), the first SunSystems version ever to be on the multi-tenant cloud, was officially revealed on Oct 18. With this release, the venerable accounting software and its extensive ecosystem have entered a new era. As a user of SunSystems, what can you expect from this newly launched version?

7 things to know about Infor SunSystems Cloud

1. A subscription-based cloud solution for everyone

SunSystems Cloud is the culmination of 5 years of re-architecture and development. This MT (multi-tenant) SaaS solution makes the benefits of the cloud available to all customers, regardless of scale.

There will be monthly updates, ensuring the latest fixes, security patches, and features are always available.

So, what’s included in the SunSystems Cloud subscription?

  • All SunSystems modules with Query & Analysis, and Infor OS.
  • Historically over 99.9% uptime.
  • Automated provisioning, monitoring, and patching
  • All infrastructure and application maintenance
  • Unmatched scalability to cope with future growth
  • Disaster recovery and data snapshots
  • Industry-leading security for your data

2. SunSystems Cloud as an enterprise suite

With SunSystems Cloud, you get a lot more than conventional accounting software with features like ledgers, payables, reporting etc. SunSystems Cloud offers you a full cloud technology stack, packed with modern tools.

Like all other Infor SaaS solutions, SunSystems Cloud will be delivered on the world’s no.1 cloud infrastructure provider – AWS. For the clients, the benefits are multifold: high availability, rapid scalability, greater elasticity, and quick disaster recovery.

In addition to an agile yet robust foundation provided by AWS, SunSystems SaaS’ clients also benefit from a next-gen digital platform – Infor Operating Service (Infor OS).

3. A true multi-tenant SaaS solution

Even though previous versions of SunSystems already offer hosted cloud or single-tenant SaaS deployment options, SunSystems 7 is the first-ever version built from scratch to be a true multi-tenant SaaS solution.

And with that comes big leaps both in terms of its functions and features and how it can be deployed.

One of the reasons Accor IMEA has decided to adopt single-tenant SunSystems SaaS at their regional headquarter and 400 hotels are so they can move from a CAPEX-intensive model that required hardware to a far more efficient and flexible OPEX model.

Now with this newly-released multi-tenant SaaS version, future SunSystems customers are expected to enjoy even more savings. In comparison to single-tenancy, multi-tenancy is cheaper, has more efficient resource usage, a lower maintenance cost, and a potentially larger computing capacity.

In addition to that, software updates and maintenance rest entirely in the hand of your vendor, thus freeing up your own IT resources and personnel.

For Accor, the transition from the on-premises deployment model to the SaaS one running on AWS is considered necessary to strengthen the group’s operational resilience, standardise its IT infrastructure, and improve overall efficiency, oversight, and cybersecurity.

4. Powered by AWS

SunSystems Cloud is built and delivered on the world’s no.1 cloud infrastructure provider – AWS. For the customers, the benefits are multifold:

High availability

The solution delivery can be spread across multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZs) to optimise fault tolerance and reduce any risk of downtime.

Rapid scalability

Because of the way Elastic Load Balancing automatically adjusts to cover shifting capacity requirements, SunSystems Cloud can easily adjust to changes in processing volume as demands fluctuate. That’s especially important in the hotel industry which needs to respond to highly variable levels of demand, such as seasonal sales or annual events.

Great elasticity

Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), hotel businesses can gain unmatched reliability and availability at no additional cost.

Quick disaster recovery

SunSystems Cloud can be distributed globally across AWS data centres, plus, AWS offers sophisticated global failover capabilities. Combine the two, and you get rapid redeployment of both applications and data in response to nearly any imaginable service disruption around the globe.

Download Infor SunSystems Cloud Data Sheets today

5. Multi-tenant Infor Query & Analysis

SunSystems Cloud comes with a multi-tenant version of the reporting tool Infor Query & Analysis.

With Infor Query & Analysis, you get familiar-looking desktop applications, so you can quickly and efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns, and exceptions through an intuitive report designer.

Users can get up and running quickly with minimal training and technical skill because the software is integrated with Excel.

6. SunSystems Cloud and Infor OS

As mentioned earlier, a subscription to SunSystems Cloud means you have access to Infor OS, a cloud operating platform designed to bring productivity, automation, and artificial intelligence together.

Infor OS offers a suite of cloud-based enterprise services such as:

7. How can you migrate to SunSystems 7 SaaS?

Customers using SunSystems 4, SunSystems 6.3, and SunSystems 6.4 can move directly to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 6.2 must move to SunSystems 6.4 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 6.1 must move to SunSystems 6.3 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 5.4 must move to SunSystems 6.2, and then 6.4 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Customers using SunSystems 5.3 must move to SunSystems 6.1, and then 6.3 before going to SunSystems Cloud.

Check out our SunSystems Cloud datasheets to learn everything you need to know about the core features and modules that make up this innovative financial management solution.

Download SunSystems Cloud data sheets

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