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We Are Rebranding Our Cloud Talks to TRG Talk: Digital

Looking For Reliable Coronavirus Information? TRG Has a Solution For You

TRG Updates Policy to Reflect Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

TRG Reimagined Our Logo to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

TRG CEO Rick Yvanovich Shows the Fun Side of Business Statistics

TRG CEO Yvanovich Celebrates 'The Art of Failure' with FailFighters

TRG CEO at RMIT Global Leadership Forum: A Serial Entrepreneur Has Grit

TRG Talk: Talent – Change Your Environment or Change Yourself

AmCham Event – Digital Disruption: It’s not about Technology

TRG Talk: The 5 Practices of Leadership for Exemplary Project Managers

Event Recap - TRGers at the 19th BBGV Fun Run for Charity

TRG Talk: The Five Practices of Leadership for Exemplary Project Managers

Highlight in TRG Talk - Project Management: "How to Keep Risks Away?”

Highlights of TRG Talk: Talent - Employee Happiness for Business Growth

Especially Release TRG Talk – Project Management: “How To Keep Risks Away?” Is Coming This September

TRG Talk Talent – Employee Retention: “How To Keep Your Employees Happy For Business’ Growth” Will Be Ready For You This August

Tips from TRG Talk- Project Management to Improve Collaboration Within Your Team

TRG Talk: "Cloud Computing- What’s In It For Startups?” Is Coming This August

TRG Talk Talent Management Tackles The Question On How To Retain Employees

TRG Talk Project Management This August Brings The Topic of Team Collaboration On Stage

An Exclusive Workshop For Talent Management at TRG Talk This July

Highlights At The Amcham's "Digital Transformation- Less Hype More Practicality" Event

The Undeniable Impact of Technology in Hospitality Industry

The Next-Generation of Hotel Technology is not just for the Guests

Brightening children's Lives with TRG

Let's spread kindness with TRG International this 2019

7 Tips on Improving Personal Efficiency

Lead the Change 2018: Golden Opportunity for Youth with Passion

TRG Talk - Cloud: The Economics of Cloud Computing

Digital Leadership Conference 2018

How to Ensure Effective Communication in Project Management

Happy Vietnamese Women's Day at TRG

TRG Talk - PM: Managing conflicts in project with cross-cultural teams

Spread the Joy at BBGV Fun Run 2018 with TRG

TRG Talk - PM: Quality Management in Projects and Team Building

Come and join the BBGV Charity Fun Run with TRG International

This year, how do TRG-ers celebrate Fullmoon Party?

Shaping your future with TRG International at RMIT Career Fair

Protect SMEs in today's competitive & threatful digital economy

TRG Talk - Cloud: How good is Cloud computing?

TRG Talk - PM: "An introduction to Project Risk Management"

TRG Talk – Talent Management: Mutual Learning for Building Productive Team

Safeguarding Your Organisation's Future With Competency-Based Succession Planning

TRG Talk – Project Management: Agile Project Management and Lean Thinking

Making the most of World Blood Donor Day with TRG International

TRG Talk – Cloud: How VTV Go survives the World Cup season

TRG Talk – Talent Management: Critical Thinking is Critical

Tackle the Age-Old Question: Build vs. Buy Talents

TRG Talk - Project Management: New Trends in Change Management

TRG Talk - Talent Management: the Power of Positive Thinking

Vietnam Leadership Summit 2018

TRG Talk - Cloud: Solve real problems provide real solutions

Digital Transformation Can Make or Break a Company Culture

TRG Talk - Project Management: "Why Do Projects Fail?"

TRG Proud to Receive the "Excellence Award" from Retail Pro

TRG International Complied with GDPR

Learning and Development in the Digital Workplace

TRG Talk Talent: The Impact of Self-Awareness on Business

TRG News: What happened at IU Job Fair 2018?

TRG International at IU Job Fair 2018

Come join TRG at Talent Development Vietnam 2018

TRG Talk Project Management: Key Project Skills to Master

TRG International and Talent Development Vietnam 2018

TRG Talk - Talent Management: Maximising your talent pool by correctly identifying HiPos

TRG Talk – Cloud: Why Cloud and How to enable Cloud? - Case study of U23 Vietnam

TRG International offers career opportunities for future VGU’s students 

Three reasons why people should attend seminar

Easiest Way to Approach Cloud Computing

TRG Gentlemen Make 2018 Women's Day More Memorable

TRG Talk – Project Management: Emotional Intelligence and Why you need it for success as a project manager

Upcoming TRG Talk – Project Management: Emotional Intelligence (EI) and why you need it for success as a project manager?

ICT Committee Meeting: Help Shape 2018 & Be Part of The Change

TRG Talk: Talent Management – What makes a high-performing team?

Team building –  Exciting pre-Tet challenge for all TRG members

TRG Talk – Cloud: Why Cloud and How to Enable Cloud?

TRG participated in “Blood Donation” program – Spreading loving action to the community

Exclusive event for Executive Leaders - EGN Vietnam Seminar: The Golden Circle of Self-Motivation

How to Better Improve Your Project Management Skills in 2018

TRG Talk Talent: The Importance of Employer Branding

Co-host seminar: Cloud Issues & Cloud Enablement

BBGV Breakfast Seminar: Why-How-What – The Golden Circle of Self-motivation

TRG Talk: Project Management - Technology & Project Management

How will Industry 4.0 Affect Talent Management?

TRG Talk Talent: What's Your Perception on Professionalism?

All lives matter – Donate blood to help save a life!

Digital Transformation: How to get Started Right Away?

High Performers with Difficult Personalities: Don't Suffer, Let's Do Something!

TRG’s Annual Charity Trip to Hue to Help Those in Need

TRG Talk: Project Management – Managing Project Communications

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with TRG International

TRG Talk Talent: Maximise Your Day with Self-Motivation

TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam Joined Force to Run for Charity

Self-motivation How-to: a CEO Shared His Experiences

BBGV Breakfast Seminar – Motivation Spotlight

TRG to help the needy in Hue

TRG held the first monthly AICPA-CIMA meet-up at PJ's Coffee

TRG celebrates International Women’s Day 2017 at PJ’s Coffee

PJ’s Coffee From New Orleans Expands In Vietnam With The Opening Of Its Second Store

“There are common perceptions of effective leadership among countries”, Huy Tran - Talent Management Manager of TRG International

TRG's CEO Rick Yvanovich heated up the AMCHAM Breakfast Seminar “Digital Banking Disruption”

TRG Speaker To Present At The BBGV Breakfast Seminar About Leadership & Management In A Globalised World

Notice of Office Relocation - TRG International

Keynote presentation at the Great People Inside Conference 2016: Rick Yvanovich

Vietnam From The Eyes of A Pioneering Entrepreneur: Interview with Rick Yvanovich, Founder & CEO TRG International

A quick guide to co-working

TRG and RMIT: 15 years of providing opportunity

TRG CEO Rick Yvanovich To Be A Keynote Speaker At The Great People Inside Conference In Romania

TRG’s Staffs Join The BBGV Fun Run To Raise Fund For Charity

TRG Gives Hands To The WWF’s Tree Planting Project

TRG Speakers to Share at Team Balance Breakfast Seminar

TRG International sponsors RMIT Entrepreneur Challenge Contest 2016

TRG Encourages RMIT Students to "Paint Your Way" in The Career Expo 2016

PJ’s Coffee Celebrates Grand Opening with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

TRG F&B to launch the first PJ’s Coffee in Vincom Center B

TRG joins AmCham’s World Blood Donor Days 2016

Is Vietnam market ripe for Fintech disruption?

TRG's charitable trip to Thien An Shelter

Investors Boost Vietnam Start-ups

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese leaders & managers?

Vietnam Tech Startups Boom

Launching an IT company in Indochina.

HCMC - 22 April 2016, TRG joined RMIT Career Expo Day to open career opportunities for RMIT students.

US Embassy to fund seed money for Vietnamese startups

New IoT Competition hopes to turn Ho Chi Minh City into a smart city

HCMC - 20 April 16, TRG joined Blood Donation, organised at Tan Binh Dist.

TRG provides strong career foundations for RMIT students

Start-Up: Why should we invest money in you?

Vietnam To Ease Venture Capital Rules To Realize "Startup Nation" Dream

TRG was the main sponsor for BBGV Networking

TRG Talent Management partner Profiles International Inc. acquired by John Wiley & Son begins to rebrand.

Internet of Things – The Opportunities and Challenges

TRG's Blood Donation Activity - The untold stories

All about blood donation you need to know

TRG shared 160 gifts to the needy people in Đưng K'noh town, Lạc Dương, Lâm Đồng

HCMC - 11 Jan 2016, TRG joined the blood donation event at Tan Binh Dist.

Rebranding Profiles SEA under TRG Talent Management solution

TRG conducted the workshop “Business Analyst vs Application Consultant” at RMIT University

TRG wins Retail Pro Service Excellence Award

TRG-Enclave won Leading IT Outsourcing Enterprises Award 2015

TRG Customer Day 2015 - A Day of Innovation

TRG to update its customers on the latest technology summaries

TRG supports survey research of Cybersecurity in Vietnam

"Scaling for Future Expansion"_ERP Webinar for Future Success

The Fourth Webinar "Are you ready for ERP challenges?” has been achieved

TRG Tree Planting 2015: Grow Green, Reap Future

TRG to Plant 1000 Trees at Long Hai Beach

TRG sponsored MBA degree for employee

Webinar: Are You Ready for ERP Challenges?

TRG Helped The Needy in Lam Dong Province

TRG International Participates RMIT Vietnam Career Week 2015

TRG Sponsored CIMA Recognition Night 2015

50 Manufacturing Executives Joined ERP Implementation Webinar

TRG Joins AmCham's World Blood Donor Day 2015

TRG International at IU Job Fair 2015

AmCham Event: “Breakfast Meeting: Marketing and Technology plus Legal is not an Oxymoron”

AMCHAM ICT Networking Event: Upcoming IT Regulations Impact Deeply on Business


TRG Customer Day 2014 Ended Successfully

“TRG Customer Day” – the Annual Conference about the latest technology solutions for Enterprises.

TRG at the 2nd International Talent Assessment & Development Conference

TRG gives gifts to lives at AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day 2014

TRG helped students to shine at RMIT Vietnam Career Week 2014

TRG’s CEO Rick Yvanovich as Chief Judge in CIMA GBC 2014

TRG to update its customers on the latest solutions that will help them to shine

TRG helped expand Infor SunSystems’ global footprint

Mark of respect – TRG’s CEO in top 100 Business Style Awards

“Smile to the world. We can help make you shine” – A trip to Thien Phuoc Orphanage

TRG International unveils the latest innovation of its customer support service

TRG International wins second place at AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day Photo Contest

TRG International to sponsor CanCham's business luncheon on M&A

TRG International on Saigon Times Weekly!

TRG International takes part in tree planting for the 4th time

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